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KVM over IP stand alone units and KVM over IP Switches are designed to enable remote access to computers and servers across a LAN/WAN, the Internet or even ISDN/56K modem. Adder KVM Over IP devices also enable out of band management enabling remote power cycling and BIOS level access to remote locations or within a data center. Adder KVM Over IP devices are jointly designed with Real VNC. Using the original industry standard remote access tool means that Adder devices are not only the highest performing, flexible and reliable on the market but also come packed with a whole host of additional features such as scaling viewers, high color depth and absolute mouse mode as standard.


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Part Number: ADD0020
Videk - ADDERLink IP Gold Videk - ADDERLink IP Gold Videk - ADDERLink IP Gold Videk - ADDERLink IP Gold

Key Features

  • The use of DVI-I interfaces overcomes the limitations of analogue video and allows for greatly improved video update and pixel-perfect performance
  • The ADDERLink IP Gold enables CD quality audio signals to be fed from the target computer to the remote user via IP
  • To ensure maximum uptime and connection stability the ADDERLink IP Gold has dual power supply facilities allowing for both mains and UPS supply

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Product Description

The ADDERLink IP Gold adds support for digital video, audio over IP, USB keyboard and mouse and virtual media support to the ADDERLink IP family. Providing remote keyboard, video, mouse, and audio access via IP to your current KVM switch, the ADDERLink IP Gold allows management of your computers from anywhere in the world securely and remotely via the Internet, dial-up link or corporate network.
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ADD0020 View PDF Image ADDER ALIP-Gold IP DVI-i USB Remote Media Audio & PS2 or USB Key & Mouse over IP £989.55£970.15
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