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Aten Audio & Video

Aten offers a wide range of video products to provide longer distance extension coupled with high-quality video transmission. The Video Extension Solution not only extends the distance between A/V source devices and display devices, but also duplicates the audio/video signal from a single source to multiple displays. The VE200 can be used in conjunction with the VB552 to extend a single A/V source to multiple displays which are widely distributed in various locations. In addition, to enhance the video quality in a long distance installation, the VE510 Video Synchronizer can also be integrated to compensate for signal delay.

Industrial Controls

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Part Number: 9883-IS
Videk - Industrial Controls Videk - Industrial Controls Videk - Industrial Controls Videk - Industrial Controls

Key Features

  • Common industrial control systems, such as serial and PCI technologies

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Product Description

ATEN offers a wide variety of interface converters which include serial PCI cards and parallel line extenders. RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 Bi-directional Converters allows Data transmission controlled by the RTS signal. The Serial / Parallel Converters automatically adjusts signal strength to compensate for distance.
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9883 Image ATEN IC485S RS232/RS485 to RS-422 Interface Converter £50.00£48.00
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9883-IS Image ATEN IC485SI - RS232-RS-485/RS422 Interface Converter £81.25£78.00
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