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Audio & Video

Whether it is at home or in the work place we are surrounded in todays world by sound and vision. It plays an important part of our everyday life and with modern solutions we can place Video and Audio where we want it, when we need it.

Audio & Video

We have gathered within this section all of the products and solutions that might be used in any modern AV installation. If you need to extend a connection, distribute Audio and Video across a number of displays or switch content from a selection of sources we can help.

Included in the range are high quality cabling and adaptors for HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA as well as options for all of the legacy cabling connections still used in many applications.

Video and Audio, where you want it, when you need it…

The advent of HDMI helped revolutionise how we all enjoy Audio and Video and also open new possibilities in terms of where we can place devices and what we can use them to display.

The standard has continued to evolve as does the clarity and quality of image and sound reproduction. Taking advantage of this evolution the types of devices using a HDMI interface continues to grow.

We have packed an array of solutions into our HDMI portfolio for connecting, extending, distributing and switching HDMI signals. With provision for the latest standards and all supporting the trusted HDCP protocol to ensure quality, performance and compatibility across connected devices.

There really is no reason you cannot have the content you want in the places you desire, whether it be for an elaborate Digital Signage system, Video Wall as part of a corporate presention suite or simply to enhance your viewing experience as part of a home cinema installation.