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Reliable power is essential for organisations of all types and the devices used across areas of operation are more diverse than ever. Solutions to enable convenient, secure and dependable power, either within the workplace or at home, have become equally as diverse.

For users in need of simple cabling we have options across all common connector types which include different colours for easy identification and locking connectors to help avoid unintended shutdown.

Adding to this, we include power extensions which include convenient USB charging points and PDU options in both basic and intelligent design.

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Feeling disconnected is never fun but if you are an IT manager responsible for maintaining mission critical services it is unacceptable. Reliable and secure power is essential for any business be it large or small.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accidental power loss goes far beyond restoring the power upon which your network services rely. In addition to the cost in down-time there may also be lost data and considerable time required to resolve subsequent issues across your IT network.

IT Managers invest a great deal of time and effort ensuring that their network is as resilient as possible to such events. Often managing connections rationally with both basic and intelligent PDU’s and deploying UPS systems to ensure continued power in the event of an outage.

The cabling used within these systems is of equal importance and can often be overlooked as a potential source of issue given that standard power cables have no inherent mechanism to prevent them being accidentally removed from their port.

With this in mind Videk provides a range of locking power cables to help prevent the power cable from being unintentionally removed from a device.

Supplied in a range of lengths and with options of different colours for easy identification, these cables feature a locking mechanism on the C13 or C19 sockets that requires the user to release the cable from the port using a discrete lever. Universal in design, they can be used with any device powered with a C13 or C19 mains cable.