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The ability to make and maintain connections between different devices has never been possible in so many different ways. This section is dedicated to the cabling and solutions needed to enable these connections.


We now surround ourselves with technology to assist our everyday lives allowing users to work more efficiently and find greater productivity. With a great diversity of devices used within the personal workspace and also across broader areas of operation the need for connectivity solutions has never been greater.

From cables that connect with traditional PC interfaces such as parallel and serial to modern high speed USB options that attach peripherals in your workspace or devices on the go. We are committed to ensuring you’re never left feeling disconnected.

Connect more, see more, do more…

Technology always offers exciting new opportunities to improve our learning and working experiences as well as enhancing our enjoyment of the digital age where we have instant access to information, media and digital content.

Being able to run different applications simultaneously can allow users to learn more productively and work with greater efficiency but switching between windows on a single display can be clumsy and stunt creativity. Unlocking the broader potential of their multi-media devices, more and more users are breaking free of being constrained to using a single screen by adding additional displays to their computers.

Thanks to the versatility of USB this is possible even where there is only a single graphics output on an existing computer by simply adding a USB Display Adaptor. With options that support VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort screens it is possible to add up to a further 6 displays to your existing installation. All with full HD support and plug and play in design, new displays can be configured to either Primary Display, Mirrored Desktop or Extended Desktop mode.

In a learning environment this might enable a teacher or lecturer to present to a projector or class facing display whilst keeping their own lesson notes to a separate screen. In a similar way it offers an effective means through which presentations can be made in a corporate setting or as a vehicle for unlocking productivity within our own personal workspace by allowing us to view multiple windows at the same time on separate screens.

Or to solve a simple problem, USB Display Adaptors can provide a method to add a compatible display output where there may not already be one that matches the screen.